Monday, March 14, 2011

2 months down

The past few weeks have been easy on the vegetarian front.
I went to a "down home" restaurant and ate around the ham pieces in my green beans. So, I know there was some ham spit in there, but I didn't eat any of it. Man, I wanted to give in to the fried chicken or the chicken n dumplings, but I didn't!
I've been eating more easy convenient foods: veggies subs, cheese quesadillas, frozen lean cuisine pizzas, frozen veggies - I've just been so busy!
I am thankful that Spring is almost here because that means more farmers markets and lovely fresh veggies! :) Can't wait.
Has it been hard? Yes. But, I think to myself - less than 10 months to go! :) I love meat, but this has been good for me to practice self-control!

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