Wednesday, February 2, 2011

365.24 - Capistranos

More fish tacos.

Publix breakfast bread with Trader Joes pb (love)
Chobani pom yogurt with gingersnap granola from Whole Foods
(A daylight donut might have been squeezed in there with moving chairs at the office)
carrots and red-fat pita chips and hummus
fish tacos/beans/rice/chips/guac from Cafe Capistrano in Cary. Out in the middle of no where. Guac is some of the best stuff on the face of the earth.

I don't think I'll have any fishy tacos tomorrow- but you never know! :)

And I finished making my first round of homemade kefir. Trying some tomorrow in yogurt!

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  1. kim, where did you get your kefir grains? what's your recipe?