Friday, January 21, 2011

365.12: Strike One

Not even two weeks in...strike one.

I had lunch at a friend's house and she served a delicious vegetable soup that her mom made. Had small chunks of ham in it and it was made with ham stock. I wasn't going to be rude. And so I ate it, only had one chunk of ham, I tried to pick around the rest.

I learned from a friend in Louisville (her daughter is vegetarian) that her daughter wasn't allowed to be rude in her vegetarian lifestyle. So...I wasn't going to be rude.

chocolate chip bagel w honey walnut cream cheese

said veggie soup w cheese, crackers, veggies, 2 small (cottage cheese instead of butter) chocolate chip cookies


3/4 cup whole wheat rotini mushroom pasta (all gone, sad thing about good leftovers)

1 cup low fat ice cream

1 mini york peppermint patty


So, I had some ham stock. I can only control what I can control and not be rude. Go me!

Photo: Falafel wrap at the International Festival in Raleigh, October 2010


  1. I think that's very reasonable

  2. At least you didn't scream "Ahhh! There are pieces of dead pig in my soup!" I would consider you a very polite vegetarian. Go you.