Tuesday, January 18, 2011

365.9: Ice Cream for Dinner

Some days at work, you don't get a full real meal in but you just snack, and today that was it. But, once I got off work: the gym was crowded, there were no parking spaces in Harris Teeter, and I didn't know what I wanted for dinner: so I went with.... (but at least I couldn't stop at CFA or Wendy's and get fast food because of the whole reason for this blog!)

Publix breakfast bread with pb and milk


Cheese and crackers, chex mix and 1/2 apple at staff meeting

1 slice cheese pizza leftovers (do you know that a cheese slice from Little Caesar's is only 180 calories)

1 snack bag of heart healthy nuts (260 calories and full of healthy fats)


1/2 square of Swiss dark chocolate (my friend just went there and brought me some back)

1 serving cup of low-fat mint chocolate chip ice cream, half apple, cool whip. Healthy dinner: I know

diet dr. pepper

Now for some writing and circuit training. Gotta stay up. well, maybe not.

Photo: Fried calamari at Niko's in Chattanooga March 2010

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