Saturday, January 15, 2011

365.6: Party night "Say No to Pepperoni!"

Wow - long day, but good.
Taekwon-robics is always a good way to get my blood pumping first thing on a Saturday morning!

Publix breakfast bread slice with Trader Joe's crunchy unsalted pb
spinach salad (just leaves) with mushroom whole wheat rotini pasta on it
10 cherries
1/2 Z Clif Bar (kid's granola bar)
1/2 apple with pb
2 slices cheese pizza (thin crust Little Caesar's) - had some college girls over tonight to watch Little Women
1/3 garlic croissant (they really were yummy)
1 cup homemade popcorn
1/4 brownie
4 almonds

Key: just say no to pepperoni!

Photo: House salad at Anna's Pizzeria in Apex, NC taken December 2010


  1. I just discovered your 365 blog and I'm so happy that I did. I decided to be meat-free for the month of January with sort of the same goals that you have. Over the last year I really tried cutting down on my family's meat consumption and I was successful but knew we could do better. Being that I'm the cook it's all up to me (especially because my husband is a total carnivore). I figured going a month without meat would help me find more plant-based meals that we liked.

    Here are some helpful sites I found: (not meat-free but lots of good veg/grain recipes and ideas)

    I wish you lots of success this year!! I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes and hopefully stealing some useful info and recipes.

  2. Thank you Crazy One! I look forward to the journey and thank you for those sites. I'll add them to my google feeder!