Monday, January 17, 2011

365.8 - Eating out, making good choices

Happy Monday. Happy MLK Day! I ate very healthy and easily vegetarian today, so it was a good day!

Publix breakfast bread with peanut butter

Skim milk

Greek salad w/o dressing

3 pita wedges

tuna salad (without the whole wheat bread it came with) (this was all at Zoe's Kitchen. I liked it, but nothing spectacular. I like Panera better - SHOCK!


1/2 Meditteranean veggie sandwich

1/2 Thai Chicken salad (new at Panera, minus the chicken) - sooooo yummy




I have to be up late tonight working, so I'll probably grab some more cherries or some raw almonds about midnight.

The elliptical and kettlebell are my friends today.

Photo: Summer sauteed squash that I took for lunch one day in May 2010

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