Sunday, January 23, 2011

365.14 - Two Weeks Notice

No, I'm not talking about the Sandra Bullock/Hugh Grant movie...but I've done this for 2 weeks now and have 50 go to!

Its not that bad, really.

baked oatmeal

skinny peppermint latter at Bux with a dear friend


lean cuisine roasted veggie pizza

5 rice thins (like rice cakes, but much better for you and thinner, and fewer calories) w a tsp of pb

1 cup popcorn

chobani pineapple greek yogurt with 2 T steel cut oats (raw), craisins, cinnamon chips and agave nectar

carrots and mustard

Some yoga to end my day and we'll call it a good one - complete with 4 hour nap!

And reading David Tanis' A Platter of Figs - such a great cookbook (will go on amazon list)
Photo: tomatoes at home in the fall (not as good as summer) - November 2010

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