Wednesday, January 12, 2011

365.3 - Making Choices

Today was easy for half, harder for the rest. But, this year is all about choices right? I ate out for both later meals today - so again, like with losing weigh, eating meatless may be easier at home. What are your thoughts? What are some favorite places to eat meatless out (not always eating spinach either).

egg white spinach cheddar omelette on sandwich thin (with mustard)

1/3 pumelo (so sad this was the end of the pumelo - so good)

cinnamon sugar bagel with crunchy pb at Brueggers

2 slices cheese pizza at I HEART NY Pizza in Wilmington. One was a white and one was spinach/fets/tomato. Both were good, thin crust, and meatless.

I have realized more and more over the last three days that this is about choices...but isn't that true for everything!
Photo: beautiful radishes at the Durham Farmer's Market taken in April 2010

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